Rebuild Communities Initiative

We are a non-profit organization formed to achieve our objective.

We are a group of public, private and non-profit results driven partners alliance that will produce measurable and accountable results.

We have established a group of individuals, and organizations,  philanthropists, real estate experts, financial experts and legal council.

We do not, and will not, waste time, effort or resources on bureaucracy or those with their own agenda for existence.


If you, or your origination is interested in producing results, we are interest in speaking with you.

If you are looking for business opportunities, please move on.

The “Rebuild Communities Initiative” provides for the acquisition of distressed and foreclosed properties.

We will provide collaboration for education, training, technical assistance, tools and resources to allow public, private and nonprofit partners to stabilize communities and implement comprehensive long-term revitalization strategies and help families have a home.

We WILL keep, and place, families in homes, turning a property into a home.

Rebuild Communities Initiative CDE 501(c)(3)