Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild.

Rebuild Communities Initiative
Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild lives and communities.


Public Awareness
Help us spread the word, contact news agencies, your local politicians, your neighbors.

In order to achieve our mission we need funds.

We need you.

We are currently seeking individuals and companies to help us achieve our mission.

We are Seeking:

Financial Institutions

  • We can sell your real estate inventory
  • We can acquire bulk inventory

Media Contacts
Community minded contractors and organizations
State and Local Housing Assistance Programs

Board and Committee Members
We are currently seeking community and humanity minded individuals to serve on our Boards and Committees.


Audit Committee

The Committee shall have access to financial expertise. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors, and maintains lines of communication with management and the independent auditor. The Committee is not a policymaking body, but shall meet as necessary and appropriate, and not fewer than two (2) times per year, or upon the call of the Board or Committee Chair, to carry out the following responsibilities:


  1. Be familiar with audit laws, procedures and policies of the American Institute of CPAs.
  2. Appoints, approves the fees of, or terminates the independent auditor. Reviews the terms of the auditor’s engagement each year and considers auditor rotation at least every five years.
  3. Approves any non-audit services performed by the auditing firm.
  4. Reviews the scope and plan of the audit proposed by the independent auditor.
  5. Oversees the performance of the auditor.
  6. Recommends approval of the annual audit report to the Board of Directors.
  7. Conducts a post-audit review of the financial statements and audit findings, including any significant suggestions for improvements provided to management by the independent auditor.
  8. Confers with the auditor in executive session to ensure the affairs of RCI are in order.
  9. Inquires of management and the independent auditor about significant risks or exposures facing RCI; assess the steps management has taken to minimize such risks; and periodically review compliance with such steps.
  10. Reviews the adoption, implementation and adequacy of the Rebuild Communities Initiative internal control structure.
  11. Monitors compliance to Rebuild Communities Initiative’s code of ethics/conduct and conflict of interest policy.
  12. Oversees all policies and procedures for encouraging whistleblowers to report any questionable Rebuild Communities Initiative accounting or auditing matters.
  13. Reviews, with Rebuild Communities Initiative’s counsel, any legal or regulatory matters that could have a significant effect on the organization’s financial statements.
  14. Reviews the findings of any examinations by regulatory agencies.
  15. Reviews the policies and procedures in effect for the review of executive compensation and benefits.
  16. If necessary, institutes special investigations and, if appropriate, hires special counsel or experts to assist.
  17. Prepares an Audit Committee annual report.
  18. Performs other oversight functions as requested by the Board or Committees Chair(s).
  19. Reviews and acts upon any and all Whistleblower reports.


Finance Committee: 

The Finance Committee coordinates the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities.

The Committee shall be responsible for the planning, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Rebuild Communities Initiative’s policies and programs for assets, compensation, funding, financial management, facilities management, insurance, and risks.

The Committee monitors Rebuild Communities Initiative’s financial records; reviews and oversees the creation of accurate, complete, timely, and meaningful financial statements to be presented to the Board; reviews the annual budget and recommends it to the full Board of Directors for approval; monitors budget implementation and financial procedures, and anticipates financial problems; monitors and ensures safeguarding of assets; monitors compliance with federal, state, and other financial reporting requirements; and helps the Board understand Rebuild Communities Initiative’s finances.

The Committee shall work with the Executive Director and Treasurer in developing long range financial and capital plans, and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be required by the Board.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Establish and Monitor Policies for  Fiscal policy & budgeting

  1. Selection and supervision of auditors
  2. Risk management
  3. Investment and endowment x Financial management & reporting
  4. Long range financial and capital plans
  5. Compliance with reporting and other legal requirements
  6. Adequacy of internal controls
  7. Compliance with conflicts of interest and other code of conduct policies
  8. If, and, when necessary, institute special investigations
  9. Monitor creation of financial statements
  10. Review and recommend to the Board annual operating and capital budgets


Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to provide strategic planning support and policy oversight to ensure focus and direction of programs and services.


  1. Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures governing the programs and services to be offered by RCI to alliances and the public.
  2. Provide policy guidance and consultation for the Executive Director in setting priorities for programs and services.
  3. Establish policies and guidelines to assist the Executive Director in setting the fees to be charged for programs and services offered by RCI.
  4. Establish policies and guidelines to assist the Executive Director in considering fees for outside presenters and providers of services offered by RCI.
  5. Establish policies and guidelines within which the Executive Director is authorized to enter collaborative arrangements with other organizations and providers of services.

  1. Has in place a program evaluation process that measures the extent to which RCI is achieving its vision and Mission;
  2. Regularly uses the evaluation data to inform and continuously improve RCI programs;
  3. Uses evaluation data to educate the community regarding the work and effectiveness of RCI and its programs.

We can’t solve homelessness, together we can prevent it.

We invite you to contact us and let us know how you can assist.


Rebuild Communities Initiative CDE 501(c)(3)