Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild.

Rebuild Communities Initiative
Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild lives and communities.


Rebuild Communities Initiative’s primary mission is specifically serving, or providing investment capital for, low-income communities (LICs) or low-income persons (LIPs).

Our directive is to provide low income affordable housing. We will keep, and place, individuals and families in homes, turning a property into a home.

When foreclosed homes are left unattended it affects everyone in our community.

They lower property values, invite crime and create health hazards.  Vacant homes take an economic, physical and social toll on a community by attracting trespassers and squatters, as well as becoming a haven for illegal and dangerous activities.

We want families in these homes, and to prevent the loss to those in jeopardy of losing their homes and further contributing to the epidemic homeless crisis. The Rebuild Communities Initiative will kindle the stabilization and revitalize our distressed communities, going above and beyond just addressing housing needs.  To ignite the Initiative we will deploy collaborative efforts to promote community involvement to  acquire, revitalize, rebuild, and reoccupy these distressed or abandoned foreclosed properties and become a catalyst for long-term social, economic and community recovery.

The Rebuild Communities Initiative provides for the acquisition of distressed and foreclosed properties, education, training, technical assistance, tools and resources to allow public, private and nonprofit partners to stabilize communities and implement comprehensive long-term revitalization strategies and help families have a home.

The Rebuild Communities Initiative will achieve these results with our alliances, community organizations, government and philanthropic institutions, as well as in conjunction with established Government programs such as Community Development Entities and Community Development Financial Institutions.

Our first objective will be in the state of Hawaii due to the emergency proclamation established by the Governor to tackle homelessness in Hawaii which has the highest per capita rate of homelessness in the Nation.

Permanent housing as a primary strategy for ending homelessness.

We can’t solve homelessness, together we can prevent it.

I invite you to contact us and let us know what we can do for you.

Rebuild Communities Initiative CDE 501(c)(3)