Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild.

Rebuild Communities Initiative
Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild lives and communities.

Action Plan

Communities Nationwide have been impacted by the oscillating housing market, lack of low income affordable housing and economic strains, and are still struggling to recover.  These communities and distressed homeowners, homeless, families and children are victims of foreclosure, lack of affordable housing, higher vacancy rates, deferred property maintenance and distressed real estate sales that outpace regular transactions.

These distressed properties are home to many of our working class and multicultural families.  Due to the low-value or complicating issues foreclosure is not the best option for these assets and families, the better option is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and retain ownership.  However, properties are often vacant, so we identify and pursue humanitarian solutions for these to support revitalization and stabilization.

The mission of the Rebuild Communities Initiative, RCI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit publicly supported public charity and U.S. Treasury Certified Community Development Entity, is to reclaim and revitalize these properties and communities by creating the opportunity for families to retain or reoccupy these homes, improve lives and strengthen communities through our alliances, community organizations, government and philanthropic institutions.


Rebuild Communities Initiative

  1. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) publicly supported public charity formed to achieve our objective.
  2. We are a U.S. Treasury Certified Community Development Entity
  3. We are group of public, private and non-profit, individuals, organizations,  philanthropists, real estate experts, financial experts and legal council results driven alliances that will produce measurable and accountable results.

The Rebuild Communities Initiative and subsidiaries formed with investment partnerships, institutional investors and investment partnership funds, we acquire distressed properties from banks and asset companies in bulk acquisition at a substantially lower than market cost, 30% to 70% below market value, revitalize as needed, and offer as low income affordable housing at our cost plus 12% to cover costs for sustainability in the non profit to acquire and revitalize additional properties, of the 12% sustainability we plan on working in conjunction with financial institutions by investing in fixed-income real-estate-backed securities online offering up to a 6% return.

We analyze each property for rehabilitation, utilizing local volunteer resources and business, local contractors, vendors and suppliers, placing emphasis on utilizing Small Business Administration Minority-Owned Businesses 8(a) businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses.

We reinvest up to 12% towards rehabilitation of each property, ie. kitchen and bathroom remodel, walls, paint, flooring, roof, siding, plumbing and appliance, from acquisition to habitation by a low income affordable housing recipient we expect a timeline of 6 to 18 months.

We utilize local resources, businesses and organizations to renovate and upgrade these properties to further stimulate the local economic community.

Rebuild Communities Initiative Priorities:

Assist individuals with a pathway to financial stable and sustainable home ownership.
Our community based team will include local HUD certified, nonprofit housing counseling organizations that can meet one on one with homeowners and other occupants.  The counselors will be able to offer free advice and access to additional resources.

Assist communities rebuild value and stability by addressing vacant properties.
These properties quickly drain the vitality, value and safety of any community. Left unattended, vacant properties promote a danger to local residents and negatively impact nearby home values. To address properties that are currently vacant or soon to be vacant, we work with public, private and nonprofit partners, local agencies, and organizations to address and revitalize problem properties in the community.

Acquire distressed properties and revitalize
The Rebuild Communities Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with local partners and national stakeholders to ensure communities have access to community level solutions to return distressed properties to a productive use, ranging from revitalization, rehabilitation for owners or renters to alternative use of vacant properties, all to accelerate community revitalization, utilizing a CDFI RCI Capital Fund established to provide the mechanism.

We can’t solve homelessness, together we can prevent it.

We invite you to contact us and let us know what we can do for you.

Reclaim, revitalize and rebuild.

Rebuild Communities Initiative CDE 501(c)(3)